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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 4, 2009 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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all? and that is the very delicate dance that is going to play out over here in washington over the course of the next month or two. alex? >> okay. mike, i'm curious how the white house is reacting to the flap that's out there over the president talking about the importance of school to kids and how many schools are thinking we can't take that speech! >> well, the first thing they've done is they immediate -- amended some of the language. initially they were going to have school children write something that said, how can you help the president? and they've amended that to say how can you realize your goals in your life or something along those lines. the second thing they say is they are going to put the speech that the president is going to deliver on tuesday to school children across the country. it's going to be based in arlington in a high school and available to schools across the country and put the speech online on monday. so school districts and parents can have a look at it and make a determination for themselves whether it's socialist propaganda as many conservatives would have it or if the
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president is simply trying to encourage school children to study hard and do their best. >> mike, thanks. see how that turns out. >> all righty. breaking news from afghanistan right now coming in to us. as many as 90 killed in a nato air strike it looks like in a province kanduz. getting more news on that and this coincide for the first time president obama extending tours of duty for american troops overseas. numbers of the 82nd airborne has been told they'll have to remain in afghanistan nearly two months longer than originally planned. of course, the administration officials are debating the wisdom of sending all of these additional troops to the war zone. reched engel is nbc's chief foreign correspondent. he is in kabul right now. first, get me caught up on the breaking news that we're following this morning, richard. >> that would be the tanker attack or the attack on the stolen tankers. what we've been told is late last night, two be nato fuel
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tankers carrying diesel fuel were hijacked by taliban militants. the militants killed two of the drivers, beheading them. and then the vehicles went missing. nato forces were looking for them throughout the night and then early this morning in the very early hours, those vehicles were located as they got stuck in the mud trying to cross the kunduz river which is about 15 miles south of the capital of kunuz province. as the vehicles were stuck in the mud, the taliban who were in charge of these sequestered vehicles tried to lighten the load and get rid of some of this fuel so they started to distribute it to other taliban fighters and by winning hearts and minds and giving it out to local civilians and it was during this impromptu fuel distribution that the air strike took place and according to a local official, 56 of the 90 people killed it's hard to tell
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because it was a fuel tanker so a giant fireball and some of the bodies were burned recognition and some of them nothing left of them. according to the police official, 56 of them were taliban fighters and the rest appeared to have been civilians collecting fuel. >> that is a hors tisk incident. but we're seeing across this country a dramatic rise in violence. i mean, your out there embedded with these forces. if they feel more troops on the ground they would get the upper hand on the amount of violence that is happening? >> i just returned from spending some time with u.s. troops in the south and american troop numbers weren't the problem. the main problem is that there aren't enough afghan soldiers to go around. there were hundreds of american soldiers i was with a unit trying to go on missions but because of the rules of gating here and because of afghan culture and customs, only afghan soldiers were allowed to enter
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homes and search homes, and for this company -- actually a couple of companies of american soldiers, so we're talking a few hundred american troops, they only had 20 or 30 afghan soldiers to work with. so that meant a lot of americans were standing around waiting for this very small number of afghan troops to actually go into the homes. that's a major problem. another one is making nato more efficient. because there are tens of thousands of nato troops in this country, but they don't work in great coordination with u.s. forces. a lot of them have such strict caveats that they are not allowed to engage in direct combat. there has been a couple of widely circulated reports that german soldiers which operate in that northern region where the strike took place today, according to a german study on average the troops here on 10 pounds fatter than the average german because of the beer they have been drinking on the bases. the nato force is generally seen as having a lot of
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inefficiencies to put it mildly. >> richard engel, thank you very much. appreciate that. now to the breaking news on the jobs market. unemployment hits a 26-year high. this morning the labor department is reporting the jobless rate for august climbed 9.7% and up from 9.4% the previous month in july on a slightly better note the number of layoffs moderated a bit and 216,000 jobs were slashed last month. august was the 20th month in a row for jobless. it is the longest losing streak since the great depression and nobody wants to be mentioning the great depression, that's for sure. in fact, since this recession began in 2007, 7.4 million jobs have been lost for the unemployment rate, more than doubling. joining us from the white house is christina romer, chair of the president's council of the economic advisers. christina, gm to you. >> good morning! >> i'm going to put it right out there. i was not a math major but trying to reconcile the numbers. we have a 9.7% unemployment rate
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up from 9.4 and, yet, analysts expected merely a 9.5% rate this month. we had 216,000 jobs lost, expected was 225,000 jobs lost. i don't understand how it went up higher than.5 to 9. 7% if fewer jobs than expected were lost. >> i think one of the things you're sdoverg is the fact that we guess our unemployment statistics and our employment statistics, our jobs numbers from two different surveys and there is just a certain amount of statistical discrepancy or noise between the two. i think the important thing is, you know, both of these numbers are significant. obviously, unemployment rate being at 9.7 is a terrible number. it's not altogether unexpected. you know, the president has said many times we do, unfortunately, fear that the unemployment rate could go as high as 10%. whenever you're losing jobs, the unemployment rate is likely to
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go up. the important thing that we've been watching is that moderating job loss that you mentioned, that, you know, think back to january, we were losing over 700 jobs a month. so 216,000 is a terrible loss, but, boy, about 500,000 less than were lost just six months ago. the other thing -- yeah. i was wanting to emphasize, you know, think about the change that we've seen over the last year. you know, we now have the job loss, the smallest it's been since last august and, of course, what happened in between, last september, was the collapse of lehman brothers, so we have been through absolutely the ringer and -- but we do feel we're on the right trajectory. >> you have answered in part my next question when we might see some improvement but even for one person losing jobs because of this recession, granted, yes, 216,000 jobs lost is far less than we are seeing with the
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blood bath literally the beginning of this year. where will we see the improvement we're not talking about these numbers on math at all? >> you are so right. right. like the vice president says, less bad is not good enough. of course, we've got absolutely go from losing a smaller and smaller number of jobs to finally adding jobs and that is what we are counting the days for. you know, i think realistically, everyone understands the labor market is one of the last things to recover so i think a natural way this is going to progress this last couple of months we've seen orders for lots of things go up. that's a sign we're probably going to start producing. a lot of analysts are thinking we're going to see positive gdp growth either this third quarter or next quarter and usually jobs turn around after that. so that is kind of the natural progression and we just, you know, hope that it will be as fast as possible and that gdp growth will be as fast as
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possible because the faster that is, the more jobs we add. >> christina, any way to calculate how the stimulus package has created some jobs? >> absolutely. in fact, the council of economic advisers has to make a report to congress next week where we will be doing just that. you know, right now, what i will tell you is private analysts are absolutely saying the fiscal stimulus has been crucial to what they are project is going to be a turnaround in gdp growth the kind of people say some between 2 and 3 percentage points is added to gdp growth and we will absolutely get you numbers on what we think is doing to job saving and creation. >> all right. we look forward to those. christina romer, thank you. >> thank you. investigators say an arson started what has become the largest fire in los angeles county history. they found frinsic evidence near the origin of the station fire but wouldn't specify what that
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evidence was. it means whoever started the fire actually could be charged in the death of two firefighters five days ago. just in to us. the station fire now 42% contained. the crews are watching closely as the flames move east toward the foothill cities of monrovia, pasadena. a little more than a week since the kidnapped girl held in captivity for 18 years came forward. for the first time hearse aunt spoke out about how jaycee dugard and her two daughters are doing reconnecting with their lost family. tina spent five days with her sister's family and said the girls are happy. >> we spent time sharing memories and stories and getting to know each other again. jaycee remembers all of us. >> the aunt says jaycee's two daughters are clever, articulate girls with a bright future ahead of them. the girls and their mom were kept isolated in the back yard of a convicted sex offender's house, the same man accused of
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kidnapping and raping jaykey. much more ahead. we heard about the cia program to capture and kill terrorists. now the agency wants to know who leaked the information? plus the president at odds with some of america's parents. should he speak directly to their children? we'll debate that with strategists on both sides of the issue. this is msnbc. the place for politics. upbeat k ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪
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less than two weeks after attorney general eric holder announced an investigation into the cia interrogations, the cia is now asking for the justice department's help in finding out who just who leaked a secret program to the press. "the washington times" is reporting the cia made that request after papers printed
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details of a highly covert operation to find and kill foreign terrorist leaders. eli lake contributed to this exclusive report. he is national security accordance for "the washington times." eli, good morning. >> thanks for having me. good morning. >> i'm glad you're here. we got the timing here you got investigations going in both directions. can you talk about that is that unprecedented? >> at this point we know the referral for an inquiry has been made. there are leak investigations that are requested by the cia pretty regularly, but this was such a highly classified program and it was the cia insisted it was the capability. so we should say it was never actually enacted according to the agency that it represented a fairly serious breech and there have been a number of other disclosures, some of them are the no leaks but rather out of court actions and foil lawsuits that have very much worried the cia in this summer and recent months. >> let's get some reaction here. a quote from the vice chairman of the senate intelligence
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committee. that would be missouri republican kit bond. here is what he says. now, let's put all this into perspective, because this was a program that was never implemented. so how serious are these leaks? >> that differs, depending on who you talk to. there are some folks we talked to in the intelligence community said it was very damming in part because the contractor known as formerly blackwater was identified in this and this has put their kroichlt eric prince in some danger according to the contractor. at the same time, others have said because it was never an actual program, that they didn't lose, i guess, operational intelligence in the way when the warrant was wiretapped stories were first reported by "the new york times" and cia and others in the intelligence community said they did lose an important
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intelligence tool. >> can you talk about the morale inside the cia right now? what are operatives saying? i mean, they're worried about their safety, of course, the safety of their covert operations. they are also worried about investigations that will be happening looking back at what was done under previous administration. you know, dick cheney has been talking about that. yet, now another administration saying we have to look back at this. what was legal then is not perhaps legal now. what is morale like at the cia? >> it's hard of sort to be one person sort of explaining what the morale is in the whole agency with thousands of employees is, but the sense is that they are very concerned that certain cases that had already been dealt with through disciplinary actions maybe be reopened by a special prosecutor named last month by eric holder to look at the detainee abuses. that's a concern. i think several lawsuits on certain organizations on behalf of the day teenees that worries
10:18 am
them. it is a secret agency and it's sort of effective if they can keep a lot of their activities shielded from the public. >> eli lake, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> the obama administration has reversed course that now it will release the names of visitors to the white house. the names of those visitors traditionally has been kept secret but news outlets and wash dog groups wanted the record to be made public who might influence the administration policy on anything from health care to financial rules and other issues. here is the president's statement coming to us from the white house. he says the administration is going to achieve our goal of making this administration the most open and transparent administration in history not only opening the door to more americans in the white house but by shining a light on the business conducted inside. the visitors logs kept by the secret service would be released three or four months after that and looking at december 31st. by the way, the records of visitors from january 20th through september 15th, not covered by this policy.
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president obama is heading to prime time to sell health care but is it going to take more than that to bring republicans on board? we'll talk about it next here on msnbc. pollen.
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senator chris dodd, long time friend of the late senator ted kennedy, is expected to replace kennedy as chairman of the health committee. the financial times is reporting dodd could make the move in the next few days. senator dodd has been leading the health committee in kennedy's absence but would help to give up his leadership of the banking committee to officially make that jump. the so-called gang of sings six will get back to work today to see if they can come up with a bipartisan approach to health care reform. the white house is talking to olympia snow of maine about a compromise on the public insurance option. under this scenario the bill would not include a public
10:23 am
option initially and instead allow insurers a time to make certain benchmarks and making insurance available for everybody. if the benchmarks aren't met the option would kick in. a bill like that has a possibility of drawing more moderate republican support but would almost alienate the progressive democrats. alex burns is a reporter for politico. what do you make of this trigger? it's called a public option trigger. >> well, it certainly is kind of a third way for the white house out of the whole debate will there be a public option or not? it's a waive them saying maybe a public option if the left doesn't get what they want through the private market anyway. it's not clear that is going to satisfy anybody on the left of the president's party but the hope on the part of the white house, i think, is that they would be persuaded to accept this as a preliminary kind of way. >> i'm skeptical it would appeal to the people they are trying to get on board. these republicans who are digging in their heels. when you hear mitch mcconnell
10:24 am
say public option aside this bill is loaded with other problems, it looks like it doesn't matter what democrats come up with in terms of health care reform legislation, the republicans don't want to touch it. here is what -- here is what robert gibbs told john harwood did the critics. >> we've been called idiots before. we're comfortable with taking the long view of politics and of public policy and keeping our eye on that horizon. >> hello, cable news! internet? is there a long view of politics? >> you mentioned a couple of seconds ago that the white house is talking to olympia snow and one of the reasons they are talking to senator snow, whatever robert gibbs wants to talk about taking the long view but chuck grassry and mike enzi said they might be open to some kind of compromise and voted they will not vote for anything that gets a lot of republican support and don't want to be out there with a gang of three with olympia snow out on a limb
10:25 am
supporting the president when their party doesn't want to so it's not clear the white house has that many hands to hold across the aisle. >> you have editorialists today saying the spell is broken, the president has lost his magic touch. if you're a democrat and telling the president, look, if you don't include a public option we're not getting behind you or the democrats in the senate saying no public option, we can't go back to our constituents and sell this public option. are democrats right now risking failure? are their fates tied to president obama? >> i think part of the best of the white house, i think you're right. the best of the white house has to be the democrats will realize that if the president fails to pass health care reform, all of them will suffer and they are better off passing a controversial health care bill than none at all. >> alex, great to see you and have great weekend. >> you, too. investigators say the largest wildfire in los angeles county history was started by an arsonist. and now there could be a homicide investigation.
10:26 am
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investigators say an arsonist is said to blame for the massive wildfire burned through 140,000 acres in southern california. the station fire is now 42% contained. but not before doing all of that tension sieve damage. joining me live on the phone from golden valley, california, is daniel bushard. he lost his job last october and permanently living in an rv ever since. and i want to get the latest with you, daniel. you were evacuated last sunday. do you know any status on your rv? have you been back to check on it? >> i've had friends that went back and checked on it yesterday and they said you couldn't see 500 feet in front of you due to the smoke, the canyon is keeping the smoke down in that area. >> is your rv still there? >> actually, i was able to get
10:30 am
my family in action and we were able to pack everything up and leave all at once and it took us about 45 minutes. >> oh, okay. did you have to leave the shell of the rv or did you pack everything out of it or do you have it with you? >> i have everything with me in golden valley. >> that's. but listen. you have to be upset at the fact someone has intentionally set this fire. i know i'm a southern california girl and i am furious at this! >> yeah. i am very mad. this is an area that me and my children like to hike through and, you know, it's a big learning area with all of the wilderness in that area. i'm glad they saved most of it but, yeah, it's terrible that somebody would do this on purpose. >> what about your family? you mentioned you got them all out. you packed things up. i know you're married and you have three kids, right? this is the beginning of school time. what is the status for your kids? >> well, we are home schooling. we love to teach our kids what they want to learn, so for that,
10:31 am
it's another learning experience. it's something to write about and to work into their school plan. >> yeah. i'm curious, do you teach any math? i know my kids would be very happy not to have a math class. anyway. all right. daniel, good luck to you and thanks very much. >> thank you. >> speaking of teaching kids. the white house says the president will give an inspirational message about working hard and staying in school. when he speaks to the elementary schools on tuesday but some critics say it's an attempt to indoctrinate the president's agenda in school kids. some parents agree. they say it's just inappropriate for the president to speak to their children with neither their consent nor their presence. in fact, some school districts in six states say this he will not air the president's message scheduled for tuesday at noon. joe watkins is an msnbc political analyst and republican strategist and rich masters is a democratic strategist. joe, is this what we've come to?
10:32 am
>> well, it's not a matter of what we've come to. at the tend of the day if we consider the time that kids have in schools with their teachers to be precious time why do we want to break in the school day with a message from a gifted person like the president? certainly he could use the communications and methods of the day like text messages or e-mail to get his message across to kids and he should also let it now now and tell them early in advance. >> your problem isn't the president has a message for kids. it's you don't want him taking up valuable classroom education time? >> i have a problem with that also. my challenge is that you have a very, very -- a very well opinion spoken president who is persuasive and speaking to kids without their parents being there and their parents may disagree strongly with the president on some issues. they may respect him and think he has good intentions but may disagree with him on a whole host of issues and not to have mom and dad there i think is not fair. >> that is true in the past.
10:33 am
for instance, george h.w. bush spoke it kids in 1991 about the dangers of drugs. >> that's right. i worked at the white house then. >> then you know this. there were democrats who criticized the expense of putting him up on tv but let me play what the former president said at the time. >> the real world starts right here. and what you do here. it will have consequences for your whole life. >> it was up on satellite. i mean, it was being fed to public schools. >> listen. i can't believe when i hear a guy who i respect, though disagree with like joe watkins say, it makes me scratch my head when he says we have an intelligent, articulate president of the united states and we don't want him to talk to our kids? i mean, you know, i don't get this at all. and let me bring up another example. i'm a dad and anyone who knows me knows that i didn't agree with george bush on virtually
10:34 am
anything. george w. bush. but one day, my kids came home from school and they had little cans, pennies for peace for afghanistan. and it was because president bush had asked them to try to raise money for kids in afghanistan. and you know what? i took my kids door-to-door as they raised money for kids in afghanistan. i didn't complain -- >> you didn't agree with? >> exactly. that is my point here. >> one more question. i am being inundated with messages on twitter and facebook of people saying this is not about the president, it's not about the president's message, it's about the color of his skin, that if he were -- >> i mean, i'm an african-american. i'm an african-american. i have the utmost respect for the president. i may not agree with him on issues but i respect him and certainly it's not about the color of his skin. it really has to do more with the messages that parents may disagree with. for instance, the indefensive marriage act, an effort by some democrats to repeal that act right now. >> he is going to talk about
10:35 am
that, joe? come on, joe, seriously! give me a break! what can you disagree with about the message? he stood up in front of the naacp -- >> one thing people are pointing out they say this could be a slippery slope. maybe it starts with a message about staying in school and staying off of drugs and maybe it goes into the defensive marriage and, you know, that's the argument they're making. >> listen. i can understand. i can understand their argument and i -- >> the president gave a great speech to the naacp. i agreed with what he said. i agreed with that. >> exactly. that is the exactly the message he wants to deliver. >> those are adults who have children who could help mold their children in the privacy of their own home, a good thing. >> let's be clear. when the president spoke at the naacp he said we have to live our dreams. what is wrong with telling our kids that? where do we come off the balance and the beam? can't we get back to a rational discussion? >> joe, rich, may be much adieu about nothing but much adieu
10:36 am
nevertheless. thanks, guys. >> thanks. maybe the traffic won't be that bad as you head out later this afternoon because aaa is expecting a 13% drop from last year of those traveling more than 50 miles. it attributes the group in part because labor falls almost a week later than than last year and many children have already gone back to school. aside from the traffic, next most important thing on everyone's mind during a holiday weekend is the weather. >> and it looks like it's going to be a nice one in a lot of places across this great nation of ours. hello, bill! they let you come down from upstairs? >> every now and then. >> what do you got for us? >> a lot of good weather. a few spots i'd like it to be a little by better but a lot of people back in school and already college football games this weekend. areas that are going to see some of the best weather are here in the mid-atlantic, the northeast on saturday, all through the great lakes. one very important thing. come over here. cooler in southern california. the fires. we've been talking about that for long enough and it's about time we drop out of the 90s and get back into the 80s. so that is good.
10:37 am
sunday, we're still looking nice. the northern half of the country. but rain in new orleans and up here into little rock and along the southeast coast, not the best beach weather and could have wet weather there. some of the beautiful beaches in south carolina and georgia up through the outer banks. it won't be horrible but i don't think you're going to get a sunburn and the southeast has lingering scattered showers and storms. northern plains and much of the west, looks good. we don't like to be playing favorites where we are here, but we're looking really good, ladies. >> ha ha! >> don't say ha ha. that's horrible! >> no. you know what it is? we suffered through our early -- >> early june. >> not just june. i feel like two nice weekends all summer long and i didn't get to the beach once! not to be a griper and a moaner, but -- >> i'll get you a car and a ride after the show. >> i know, small violin. >> you've been tased by -- chased by police and you finally decide to surrender in the california sheriff's department
10:38 am
and what do you do? take it all off -- or most of it off! down to your boxer shorts. the suspect you see wanted for domestic abuse. they thought he might have had a weapon. and that is why maybe he took his clothes off and got down on the ground. maybe that was the police actually saying before we let you surrender all the way we're going to make sure you're not hiding a dangerous weapon. at any rate it makes for interesting video. >> maybe -- how about this one? >> police in suburban cleveland poring over surveillance video. a person hopped out of the car while the car was still moving as he crashed through the store and stole 150 dollar sex toy! >> what costs 150 dollars? >> i haven't been in one of those stores so i wouldn't know! >> oh, if you heard what was being said in my ear! i cannot repeat it. he then ran back to the moving car and drove out the back door
10:39 am
and police are trying to enhance the video. >> i knew you were going to make a big deal out of that word. >> so they can make out the license plate number and get a better look at the thief. he drove through a plate glass window for a 150 dollar love aid! >> laughter in the break! let's go to the break! ♪ well i was shopping for a new car, ♪
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men are getting hard by this recession and some call it a men session because all men have lost 20% of jobs in this recession and about to kaus cause a seismic shift in the work force. men have less than 1% edge. look how far it's changed the
10:43 am
past 40 years when men made up 65% of the workplace. dennis coshaun writes about the new development. good to see you today, dennis. >> good to be with you. >> why did we see so many more men being laid off than women? >> it's just a unique nature of this recession, the construction industry got killed, manufacturing got killed and those are 90 plus percent male provisions. >> and in this case if you're looking at new employment rate. men 1.10% and women 7.6% and the national rate is 9.7%. here is my question. if you're an employer and you looking at your bottom line and you need to save money, you have two people doing similar or the same jobs, one of them -- we know that men still are outearning women by about a third -- that if you have a guy who is making more money than the woman doing the same job, don't you keep the person earning the lower salary? >> that could be it, although
10:44 am
historically it's worked the opposite way. people who have been with companies for a long time are least likely to be laid off perhaps because they are friends with people in management but that looks like it's changing in this recession. >> okay. and do you think that, say, you have these guys who are staying home and taking care of their children because they are newly unemployed, their wives become the bread winners and then have opportunities to not work because fewer men in the workplace. do you think that there is an indication this might bring about a cultural shift? >> what do you think, contessa? >> now i'm the interviewer! and you're the one who gets asked the questions! >> i mean a cultural shift is going on. look among your friends. 30 years ago no men are home and now at a park on tuesday and there will be some. it's happening slowly a little bit every year. >> all right. maybe it's good for us and maybe it's bad for us.
10:45 am
i don't know. it just seems like you got a lot of women juggling a lot of things and adding bread winner to the plate. a lot of women out there. tough times. good to see you, dennis. thanks. >> thanks. one step forward for women in the workplace but one step back on the campus of yale university. someone is sending anonymous e-mail that sends incoming freshmen women based on how many beers it would take for guys to find them attractive. that is not nice! students placed in categories that includes sobriety, five beers, ten beers, and blackout. >> extremely upsetting to have that come out just the way they were rated and things like that. were pretty offensive. >> university officials are investigating the e-mail titled the preseason scouting report. it's been sent out less than a week into the new school year. alex? >> yeah. this is yale university. it's not like number two in the country. not so good. more than two months after
10:46 am
his sudden death, the king of pop has finally been laid to rest. michael jackson's body is now interred at the great mausoleum in forest lawn cemetery. families and celebrities were more than the 200 who attended the private funeral late last night. courtney hazelet is with us now. what have you learned? >> what we learned it was a lot of speaking. joe jackson spoke. one of the most interesting parts here. furl a lot of brouhaha whether he would speak at the public memorial and he didn't and people took note about that. >> who is there and who wasn't there? >> really interesting. elizabeth taylor was there. she candidate at the public memorial. the poor woman had to sit in the heat for over 90 minutes while they waited for the jackson family to arrive. also a lot of people were surprised to see mccauley call kin there. you remember there was a lot of talk about him testifying at
10:47 am
that point in time. corey feldman falls in the same category and finally quincy jones. furl we were all interviewing quincy jones after michael died. he said i'm done with funerals. not going to be attending the services taking place in the following weeks yet he arrived last night. a little bit of a head-scratcher when you saw the guest list roll out last night. >> are people going to be able to visit him ultimately? will they be able to get to the great mausoleum and pay their respects? >> in short, no. the great mausoleum is under extremely tight security. you can't get inside. you saw some of the pictures. it's a beautiful cathedral-like setting but a lot of famous people are interred there and the reason they do that so not a huge crush from the public so it's not going to be a sort of graceland by any stretch of the imagination. >> okay. courtney hazlett in burbank, thanks so much. it seems like the material girl's minime is following in her mother's footsteps.
10:48 am
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hundreds of members of the 82nd airborne have to serve nearly two extra months in afghanistan. the first time tour of duty extended under president obama and could be the tip of the iceberg. general stanley mchrystal is expected to ask thousands of more troops to be sent to the war zone. jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon now. what is the likelihood this happens and what is the debate inside the administration at this point? >> actually, contessa, pretty much down to crunch time for
10:52 am
general mcpsychiatrist mchrystal to forward his recommendations for the pentagon and the white house for additional forces. the estimates run from 20,000 up wards to 30,000 additional ground forces there in afghanistan some time early next year, that request probably has to go into the white house within the next two to four weeks, according to military official. and it's almost certain, according to these officials, that he is going to ask for a large number. now, there is concern here within the pentagon and the military leadership that the white house maybe waffling just a little bit. we are starting to hear about opposition from the likes of vice president joe biden and many of the democrats on capitol hill not only think that we shouldn't send additional u.s. forces into afghanistan, but we should begin pulling them out. yesterday, secretary of defense robert gates in a briefing to reporters here said now is definitely not the time to pull troops out. he feels that there is some
10:53 am
progress being made and that the new strategy for afghanistan, that is to work to defend the people as to spend most of your time pursuing and fighting the taliban, has just actually begun and hasn't even had time to work yet. >> jim, i was just reading there is an update now on the investigation into the conduct of those security guards at the embassy in kabul, afghanistan. what are you learning? >> well, you know, shocking photos of these men, many in various states of undress, if not almost totally naked, romping about, appearing to be drunk there at the embassy security compound, where they actually lived in kabul. and, now, as a result of the investigation by the embassy there, it was announced today they have fired eight of those secured granddaughters security guards and they are already on an airplane back to the united states and two others had already resigned and left. so, you know, the state
10:54 am
department clearly embarrassed by this episode which some feel actually had a deleterious affect and could have threatened security at the embassy itself. >> absolutely. jim miklaszewski, have a good weekend. >> you bet, contessa, thanks. >> that is a wrap on this hour of msnbc. i'm alex witt. >> i'm contessa brewer. carlos watson picks up our coverage at the top of the hour. reverend jessie jackson weighs in on president about him's health care push and see you on monday, everybody. or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ hey, hey [ male announcer ] the choice is yours... 100 of these or 100 pringles. same cost but a lot more fun. everything pops with the pringles superstack can!
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good morning. happening right now stuck in the middle. progressives demand a public option in the health care plan but moderates say no way. could the president face early primary challenge if gets this wrong? out of work.
10:58 am
unemployment is inching near the 10% mark. is the administration about to significantly renew the stimulus package? an about-face and public support slipping with secretary of defense robert gates defends the war in afghanistan and now appears willing to boost up troop levels. is the former gop senator chuck hagel right we forgot the lesson of vietnam? u.s. embassy fires eight guards for hazing and lewd behavior. i'm carlos watson. bill cassidy stops by and robert reich stops by and the reverend jesse jackson. authorities launched a homicide investigate after determining massive wildfire burning north of los angeles was, in fact, an act of arson. two firefighters were killed when their truck plunged down a deep mountain road. official say they are the fire about 42% contained. ugly scene at the end of
10:59 am
oregon/boise state football game last night. this player takes a cheap shot at a boise state player. nothing positive about that. aaa says vacationers traveling more than 50 miles over labor weekend will be down more than 13% from a year ago. it is, however, expected to be the busiest weekend of the year on the nation's roadways as drivers opt for shorter trips. i want to introduce my co-host this morning. you know live every morning i'm pleased to have someone join me and i'm happy today to have back my fellow miamians and roy seacroft. >> miami in the house. >> we will talk about miami football a little bit later. >> absolutely. >> first, i have to you take about the unusual situation facing the president on the war in afghanistan. you pointed out this week that irony of all ironies almost shakespearean here. >> it'


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